A National Perspective on Spain’s Buildings Sector

Roadmap for a New Housing Sector

  • A National Perspective on Spain’s Buildings Sector. Roadmap for a New Housing Sector

    By Albert Cuchi and Peter Sweatman

    This report – a collaborative work from the Rehabilitation Working Group (GTR - El Grupo de Trabajo sobre Rehabilitación) - provides the background, structure, methodology, analysis and an action plan for Spain to launch and support a New Housing Sector. This sector (the “NHS”) is capable of deploying up to Euro 10 billion annually in refurbishing over 350,000 homes a year, sustaining some 120,000 Spanish jobs, and retrofitting 10 million homes from 2012 to 2050.

The GTR's strategic vision is articulated by authors through a national roadmap which defines a new sector capable of redirecting Spain’s buildings sector with new and sustainable long term goals of:

  • Delivering Spanish residents’ access to sufficient quality housing;
  • Creation of sustainable public and private economic activity and employment;
  • Reducing Spain’s ecological and resource footprint and protecting its biodiversity in line with Europe’s 2020-2050 resource efficient framework.

The report was launched at Conama Local in Vitoria Gasteiz on 30th November 2011, It was coordinated by GBC Spain and Fundación Conama.

We would like to thank the co-sponsors of this report: